GWA (aka Wade Goring) is primarily a 2D digital artist and illustrator, but is always willing to try new things. His art is influenced by and comments on queer culture, comic art, street art, pop art, pop surrealism, cinema, concept design and advertising.GWA's artistic interest began in high school where he studied art through out and learned many of the techniques he still employs to this day. While traditional art study didn’t continue after graduating, GWA studied film and television production which relied on his visual strengths and further developed them. Around 2006, he stumbled upon a set on online tutorials that showed an artist further developing their pencil sketches in Adobe Photoshop to make striking works that would be difficult to created if you weren’t an adept traditional painter. Inspired, GWA searched for more tutorials online and began to learn a great deal about the program but also became reinvigorated to draw and express through art. Years working in TV had disciplined GWA with regard to narrative and this affected the art he began to create. To this day GWA continues to experiment with Photoshop, and many other mediums, always starting often pencil to paper orApple Pencil to iPad. Sometimes the drawings all but disappear as the works evolve into completely new pieces but other times the pencil lines are very apparent, celebrated within the hyper-coloured pixels. Stories are evident too, often based around a central figure or character, their pose and expression depicting a narrative whether it be brief or extensive in the eye of the beholder.