Konan Lim is a Dubai-based Filipino artist. Born and raised in Philippines, where he began to discover and enhance the passion of art at a very young age. He joined and won numerous art competitions during his childhood era. On year 2005 he received a degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Western Mindanao State University, Zamboanga City, Philippines.

2007, He moved to Dubai and work as an Architect but his passion over painting still the utmost devotion. Since 2012 to recent year he starts participating on several group exhibitions from local art scene to international show. He is also commissioned in some mural art events & collaborated with several artists.

My style has been formulated through whimsical happy thoughts into a realistic interpretation. The characters are stuck in childhood nostalgia, blended with classical surface on present pace. Cuteness overloads with a touch of strong colorful and playful surprises, mixed of dark suspicious atmosphere. The detailed elements intertwining the blurry background provoke a thrilling question.

Stitch the different emotions into a piece of story, where I rhymed them by a distorted illusion the way it balances profoundly. Something romantic yet controversial, certainly it marks an endless smile.


My work stems from the loss of both my mother and father due to smoking related cancers in February of 2013. Their passing left a deep void in my life that led to my interest in Memento Mori, or the act of coming to terms with ones own mortality. Through this investigation I came to terms with the trauma of my childhood and the lack of memories I actually have.

Picture frames are usually reserved for those most cherished memories: a family outing, birthdays, weddings, or holiday get togethers. They rarely encapsulate the most important events: a death in the family, trauma, or abuse. My work seeks to investigate these moments as they force us to make decisions, decisions that lead to life changing events. We either rise to the occasion or sink into despair.