COLORFUL COLLAGE - Interview with Irene Servillo

My name is Irene, I live in Naples, Italy. I am an Italian illustrator, I studied illustration at the Edinburgh college of art, where I graduated in 2010. I since then, I have been working as freelance illustrator. I have worked mainly for the editorial industry, but I have also created work for set scenography, animated shorts and concerts.

You have such a unique style, how did you develop your style and love of cut-paper art?

I remember as a student, I have always used collage in combination with other techniques. At some point, I realized that working with paper was what I loved the most: collecting lots of different paper types, colors, textures, weights, and than shaping it with scissors, or cutting with a scalpel or tearing it with my hands. I just love paper! But, apart from that, I think another reason is that the paper-cutting process makes me feel free from fear. It allows me to try many different options and compositions, before actually sticking everything down. This takes the anxiety away and makes the process very playful and enjoyable to me.

Your artwork sparks a lot of different emotions, what influences each piece before you begin?

I usually get inspiration for each piece form something I am reading, facts, trends, habits, psychology, bias, and the news. For my personal projects, I like exploring relationships between people. I love investigating stereotypes and common beliefs and what is behind them.

What tools do you use?

I use many different scissors, depending on what I am cutting and what type of edge I want. I also use scalpels when I need to be more precise; paper, paint to add color and texture to the paper, cardstock and colored paper, tissue paper, vintage magazines, glue and colored pencils.

What triggers your creativity?

My creativity is mostly triggered by the need to play with colors and shapes.

Does your art reflect your personality?

I think my art reflects my personality in in some ways.. If it was a person, my art would be younger than me, less shy, more confident, louder and fearless.

How many paper cuts have you had since you started cut-paper illustration?

Not many.

Where do you see your art in five years?

I don' t know. There are many new things I want to try and do; I would like to make exciting new collaborations, experiment with different techniques and materials, working on books, products, or pattern design.

Are there any current art trends you are following?

I am interested in many different areas of the art and design world; I am instinctively attracted by beautifully crafted objects or images, but I also try to look at contemporary art, dance and theatre to see things form a different perspective.

Is there a particular art movement or style that you love?

I love the work of Henri Matisse, I was enormously influenced by his collages.