I work both with drawing and painting on paper and on canvas, I am mainly interested in the less obvious aspects of everyday life, as if through art they become more visible and acquired a new dimension.

I combine structures, even forgotten objects to generate situations, new and unusual dynamics that can both displace and give birth to thoughts and associations never made before.

My works are based on a visual experience made up of places, books, interviews, television and photography, for example I produce my works by looking at many photos, even totally disparate, from landscapes to cooking recipes, from politics to architecture, from washing machine instructions to urban planning projects.

I believe that in art there is nothing more important than anything else that leads to doing good work but it is the ability to transform what surrounds us into good work.

My artistic practice consists in collecting different images to rework them and turn them into new images. I usually do most of my work with graphite on paper which is a black powder that is spread on paper.

The subjects that I make are the result of my experience and are created first through a series of sketches in which I study the subject and then after having decided on the final subject I carry it on a larger surface.