I am always working to combine “low” art with “high” art. I love the juxtaposition of comics, lowbrow, and graffiti with fine art. “Low” art forms are the art of working people like myself, and the clash with fine art feels like a revolutionary process. The structure of comics + the chaos of painting = my creative happy place.

My style is influenced by a diverse range of artists, from Jack Kirby, Pollock, and Picasso to contemporary artists like Jeffrey Alan Love, Barry McGee, Michael Reeder, and Kiptoe.

Beyond my natural compulsion to make images and beyond my artistic influences, my work is simply an act of rebellion. I want my work to strike against a culture that tells us none of us are all that special. Many of the dominant themes in American culture could use a good old-fashioned ass-kicking.

J. Ben Moss lives and works in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has exhibited in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas as well as Chicago and Atlanta. He received his BA from Northwestern State University and is perpetually one thesis hour from his MLA at Louisiana State University Shreveport. In 2016, he collaborated with Linda Dickson on the “American Monsters” series, a lowbrow critique of American politics. More recent work has seen him invited to exhibitions in Atlanta and a new mural festival in Fort Worth. Recent illustration work includes visually adapting excerpts from classic literature for “The Graphic Canon” volumes 2 and 3 from Seven Stories Press, as well as illustrating his self-published book of children’s literature, “peculiar poems for pint size provocateurs.” He is also a periodic contributor to specialty zines and is currently at work on the graphic novel DTHFKR.