Baylis is a self-taught collage artist who was born in Roanoke, Virginia. She earned her BA in Cultural Anthropology from North Carolina State University. This interest in humanity and culture informs and inspires much of her work. She has sold and displayed work locally in both Virginia and North Carolina. She currently lives in Lynchburg, Virginia with her husband, Myles, and their dog, Ripley.

"everything I hold dear" Analog Collage on canvas 12in x 16in

I create because I feel the need to express an emotion or idea. I make collages using repurposed papers and images from vintage books and magazines. The creative process of destroying or “stealing” a found image to construct something new is what makes collage so exciting and therapeutic for me. I start by finding images that whisper to me and I alter them so that they begin to speak for all to hear. I typically alter images by cutting, tearing and rearranging images. If the altered image isn’t speaking loudly enough on its own I find poetry to add alongside the collage by painstakingly scanning entire books to find and extract single words at a time. It is my hope that the vulnerable and authentic emotion I express through my work will resonate in a powerful way with others. 

"All Blues" 8in x 10in Analog collage on canvas

"Our Lives" Analog collage on wood 5in x 5in