Country: Italy

Born in Italy in 1993, since childhood she demonstrates a strong artistic sense developing great affinity with colors, shapes and an immense passion for details. 

She graduated at the Artistico Primo high school in Turin and then, in the following years, undertook a personal training path. 

Chiara lives her artistic day as a magical moment of transfiguration of reality, a return to the sacral sentiment devoted to the beauty and wonder of the world in its simple being. 

In her work the great inspiring forces come from the world of dreams, a fluent imaginary that appeals to the primitive roots located in the depths of the human soul, the power of Fantasy mixed with the lively and colorful childlike appearance. 

Dream, tenderness and magic are some of the main ingredients that reveal a genuine visual immediacy in her painting. 

The subtle contact with the mysteries of life and nature is probed through its lively and joyful art, a moment of intimate return to herself, possible thanks to the growing and deep listening of a secret imagination, which hides beneath a vivid colorful reality. 

The search for one's own identity is therefore the key to a free and spontaneous expression, the vision of a whimsical world animated by extravagant characters and animals with highly caricatured expressions.

We love how playful and lighthearted your work is! It's an instant mood-booster! What drew you to paint fun animals and playful figures?

Play and lightheartedness are actually two of the keywords that I love to transcribe through images!

Designing animals has always been easy and natural, I love to observe all their attitudes and enjoy their immense beauty. I think their spirit is strongly linked to the pure energy that flows in life, an aspect that fascinates and attracts me. I love to portray them as I see them, as creatures that dance and swim in the river of existence and that always manage to leave a smile in my heart. The characters I created are the physical embodiment of my emotions for the wonder of life.

Tell us about your background as an artist and painting. Was it something you always did or did you develop this passion over time?

Art has always been a great friend since childhood. Like all children, I loved to put my hands in pasty colors and create stains for the pure pleasure of seeing the color spread. Growing up I lost and then I found the little child inside me who enjoyed playing with colors. I never left her again.

Do you feel your artwork reflects your personality in some way?

For sure. I am convinced that every artist reflects himself and his spirit in his works. A way perhaps to immortalize oneself and one's emotions in eternity by sharing one's uniqueness with the world.

Where do your ideas come from for your paintings?   

Ideas often arise from an emotion that I feel in the observation of nature and in listening to an inner secret imagination. I always feel the great need to restore the vision of a world that lives below the sensitive reality.

What inspires you? 

Inspiration is something that happens almost always differently. Sometimes it arrives suddenly, like the flight of a bird right above my head. Sometimes it is instead a feeling that takes time to be understood and that needs to mature to find its right form.

How did your style change or progress through the years? 

Style is a thing in constant transformation for me. Tastes and points of reference evolve as well as ourselves. Art, as a form of free expression, needs to always adapt to new forms and change to stay alive. Every step forward in life, and therefore also in art, always coincides with a small evolution of ourselves.

How do you want people to feel when they look at your work? 

I like to think that, looking at my works, people can immerse themselves in the emotions of a magical and dreamy world in which happiness and carefree riegn.

Where do you see your art in five years? 

I could see my art everywhere! In a gallery as in a garment or in a book, even in a fluffy puppet.