DARK. MAGICAL. MYSTERIOUS - Interview with Macarena Aravena aka Pupy la Plantita

Describe your style in three words.

Dark. Magical. Mysterious.

What are your earliest memories of illustrating?

I remember I began to illustrate and tell stories that I imagined as a child; fears, thoughts or feelings that I did not know how to handle during adolescence...

Describe the type of subject matter you enjoy creating and illustrating.

I like to illustrate magical worlds. Where nature is always present, but I also like to illustrate dark beings or what is hidden.

Do you feel your art reflects your personality? How so?

I think so. Since I was little, I was introverted or a little quiet in terms of thoughts or feelings, so I prefer someone, similar to what I do in my illustrations, they all have a message that the viewer must discover.

What triggers your creativity?

Almost always the outcome, going for a walk, the people that surround me or the places I visit and do some kind of emotion.

Is there an artistic style or genre you are not a fan of? Why?

I think not for the moment, it's great to be able to know styles or artistic genres and acquire experiences to complement my own illustrations.

Do you have any plans on moving away from the painting to digital?

I am not a fan of digital painting, however, I do not have a necessary tool, it is for that reason that it is very difficult.

What is your favorite song, artist or band you enjoy listening to while you work?

My favorite band to listen to while I work is Joy Division