Lorenzo, aka V3, is an Italian Graphic Design student who has a passion for illustrating. His designs can often be seen on album covers, skate decks, and apparel.  He welcomes work for brands, private clients, events and, well, pretty much anything! 

Tell us a little bit about your unique style.

I try to combine a hardcore illustration style, characterized by a contrast between thick and thin lines, with strong shadows and details to my designs. Therefore, a narrow range of colors but studied, functionality, applicability and synthesis.

Does your style reflect your personality?

Yes, I am a very practical type, I prefer functional rather than conceptual things.

What projects are you working on, or have worked on in the past?

First of all, I'm studying at the Bologna Fine Arts Academy (IT) while I'm carrying out many other projects. I'm currently working on the visual design of a new fashion app (which I can not tell you much yet), I'm designing t-shirts and sweatshirts with my graphics for high schools, will be sold inside the school to the students. Meanwhile, I'm trying to set up my own brand with my graphics and illustrations. It's challenging on my own, but I'm confident!

Your Behance site says you’re studying Graphic Design, any plans for after you graduate?

After graduation, I would like to continue studying but abroad, not in Italy. In the meantime, I will continue to carry out my external projects.

What got you into designing and illustrating? 

I've always been drawer since I was little. Until the early years of high school I was drawing comics. But as I got older, I moved towards illustration, because I was more interested. While I discovered graphic design only at university, I fell in love immediately. So, I try to combine these two aspects (illustration and design) in my work.

How has your style changed or progressed throughout the years?

Before, I mainly drew Manga. I was very fascinated by Japanese art, that influence has remained over the years. Then I stopped being interested in comics and I became very interested in graphic illustration — much more direct and practical.

What do you like to do when you’re not designing and illustrating? 

I really like painting with spray cans. When I have free time, I make spry paintings on canvas. I love getting dirty and the smelling like paint! I also watch television, listen to Hip Hop music and electronic. Of course, I go out in the evening with friends — it's the best! Bologna offers a lot of entertainment. I'm also passionate about the gym, since drawing all day does not give you the opportunity to move, so I feel the need.

What are your design goals for 2018? 

Create different products that will be available for my online shop. To finally see my designs applied to T-shirts, sweatshirts and snapbacks. In short, create a credible and recognizable V3 DSGNbrand!