Brandon Vosika lives in a haunted apartment building in Seattle, Washington where he works on acrylic paintings, small sculptures, watercolor drawings, book making, and the pursuit of a career in mystery and ghost stories.

When asked what medium he works in, Brandon puts it simply: "I do lots of different things."

In 2018 his work stood out in various group shows on the west coast and he completed two solo exhibitions in Seattle, Washington. Filling the walls of the Factory Gallery with over 50 pastel palette, acrylic paintings we saw Brandon's first solo show brimming with memento mori, inside jokes and flat colors. His second show titled Musée d'Brandon (a nod to the world famous Musée d'Orsay in Paris) turned Seattle's famous Party Hat Gallery into a high brow museum made up of sophisticated, miniature paintings in gold gilded frames.

Alongside painting Brandon has self published half a dozen small press books with titles such as 'How To Become a Ghost When You Die' and 'My Favorite Mustard', is an accomplished illustrator and makes small sculptures when he's tired of everything else