Lyndon Pike aka Universal Collage

Born and bred in Sydney, Australia, I've been a collector of pop culture products and paraphernalia as far back as I can remember. Starting with bubblegum cards and comic books then progressing to vinyl records and vintage/retro books and publications of all kinds has made me a bit of a cultural magpie. Through collage, I can bring a lot of these collecting, foraging and arranging habits to a logical conclusion by picking through old things to create a new thing. The thrill of the chase begins when there's a possibility of source material to be discovered at a garage sale, market stall or thrift store. Getting them home and looking through to choose what to cut out is the next stage - the pecking and picking through what you have found to come up with a new piece of work is both meditative and satisfying. Almost always completed in a single sitting, these strictly hand constructed works are created with an approach centered around mood rather than a considered concept. I'm always looking to try a new technique or approach and have recently started a new collaborative project with US artist Beth Holladay, centered around remixing images of musicians and record covers. As with record collecting and DJing, there's too much great material out there to simply settle into one style of work, I have to be constantly evolving and exploring.