Michaela MacBlake Matthews, aka Surrealismac

At the most basic level, every artist paints the same thing: the way they see the world around them. Whether that is through vivid abstract emotions, beautifully precise scenery, gleeful or chaotic colors, clean or strewn lines, none of them are wrong. Myself and my work are no exception to this. I paint the world as I see it: an almost random slew of very different, but cooperative parts. There's a certain air of curious tinkery that I enjoy, both meticulous and carefree, something almost solid with a steady balance of skill and whim. It's that pre-peak of realization when a thought or a feeling is coming into focus that really adds depth to an experience; not just to have something new, but to have learned it. From an idea to a canvas, that amounts to a collage of little things that create a flow when put together. From a distance, that may be all. However, if you want to get into all of the tiny little pieces, there is more story to tell than I could ever write.

My muses are all of the intangible phenomenon humans share: deja vu, dreams, instinct, memory, perspective, time, self-awareness, nostalgia, sonder, and so on. For anything and everything, there are two extreme ends of a spectrum and a whole lot of middle to be had. As I see it, each piece already belongs to its future owner before the first stroke is made; and it almost isn't my place to tell you who they are. How do I see the world around me? I like that the world has so much within it, and I try to encapsulate that fact for anyone who may want to be reminded of it. Each piece is one moment, one view, from and for one person.