Olga Kulakova has spent her years capturing still images of people, and objects in a very artistic, unique, and distinctive style. Born and raised in Moscow Russia, at the age of 30 she left everything behind, including her successful career as an architect and interior designer, family, and friends, and relocated to sunny Miami Florida - which she now proudly calls “home”. Here in Miami she found her passion for photography. She photographs using many different tools, styles, and lighting techniques to achieve the desired results as they unfold in her artistic vision. Her Eastern European core and powerful feel for design reflect in her unusual concept for usual things. Olga’s artwork invites spectators to view ordinary things in a unique light.

The understanding of composition and structure, reflected in Olga’s artwork, come from her extensive experience as an interior designer focused on traditional Eastern European style and craftsmanship.

Ever since she was a child, and it is still true today, Olga’s favorite sources for finding inspiration have been Dutch still life paintings and Renaissance classic period. From young age, Olga was passionate about oil painting on canvas and on silk. This obsession put her on a fast track of becoming an artist.

"I tend to focus all my artistic energy on a single body of work. Putting full devotion and dedication into a brilliant outcome."

While in my studio or being out making photographs I spend a great deal of time trying to observe subjects in a less than literal way. By taking my time, I explore all the elements and variables for consideration. When capturing a still image, I strongly believe this to be essential and a key point of my process. I tend to focus all my artistic energy on a single body of work. Putting full devotion and dedication into a brilliant outcome. The techniques and tools with each project often change, but the perception, drama, and passion of the image remain consistent. My work can be recognized by a timeless and conceptual value where the imperfections of the subject, camera, or technique are often highlighted as a fundamental part of the image. Dramatic lighting, textural tones are a trademark in my body of work.



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