Paulina Penc – multimedia artist born 1980 in Częstochowa, Poland. Lives in Warsaw. In her paintings she refers to cultural changes, personality disorders associated with the virtual world and artificial intelligence .“Nowadays the semantics of the cybernetic language defines human emotions. Human is determined by its software, which can generate a greater risk of error in its daily actions” – says the artist. She also makes drawings for animations and stage visualizations. Her paintings were exhibited in important galleries in London, Paris and Warsaw, and were organized by Masovian Institute of Culture. About the artist already appeared several publications, among others in the Madrid cultural magazine, letraBrick. She is valued by the leading Cultural Institutions – at the CSW Center of Contemporary Art in U- jazdowski Castle, she talked about art and philosophy from her perspective. She co-creates the experimental music project. Concentrated on experimental music, soul, jazz, funky. The characteristic elements of the artist’s arrangement are groove, synopsis combined with free jazz vocalize, ethnic style, beatbox. She works with Helicon using especially harmonizers, chorus, delicately distort her voice makes her sound unparalleled.