PEN & INK CREATURES - with Stacy Bee Art

Stacy Bates of Stacy Bee Art is an illustrator and art teacher from Fort Smith, Arkansas. She graduated with a BA degree in art and a minor in education from the University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas. She specializes in creating black-and-white, pen-and-ink illustrations, along with murals, that combine her two favorite styles - drawing and printmaking. The result is her signature vintage-esque imagery. Her most recent focus has been creating a series of animal rights illustrations. Her work appears on a variety of projects, from gig posters for musical acts to Arkansas-themed illustrations to public murals. Over the past two years, she has completed six murals in Arkansas and Oklahoma and her illustrations have been featured in four separate books. This past year alone, her work has been on exhibit at Fayetteville Underground, Northwestern Arkansas Community College and Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles among others.