RETRO MINIMALIST PINK - Interview with SweetNothingsByMeg

My name is Megan Brewty and I am 26. I am an introverted cat lady living in Sydney who loves illustrating, indie/dream pop bands you probably haven't even heard of yet, my daily coffee hit, gaming and cartoons, and night drives with David Bowie.

What inspired you to be an illustrator / animator?

For a long time my biggest heroes were those in the animation industry and that love for creating such beautiful stories and films. It was my love for film and animation that guided me to where I am now. As an illustrator, I still like to convey some emotion, or thought, through my work. Even though its a completely different style to animation art. I love to find inspiration in everyday life, people, and from the music I am currently listening to. Right now, some of my work has been commissioned for various music artists and bands. I want to share my perspectives and expressions of some truths with you, and wish that you can also find connections through my work.

Your color pallet is very minimal (pink, soft pastels, and black and white contrasts), do you plan on continuing this color palette or possibly branching away from it? What made you want to use these colors?

I think about changing up my pallet all the time, I play with other colors and I always seem to go back to white, black and pink. I think at first it was just for a series of work and that was it, but then I fell in love with it and I have been obsessing with the color pink, roses and stars ever since. I definitely want to try up some new things this year, with some experimentation and new inspiration, I’m sure my style will continue to evolve.

What triggers your ideas? Where does each idea of your drawings come from?

From the beginning, all my ideas were born through music and sometimes, just my mood even. I will be listening to something, and a line of lyrics will trigger my imagination for the perfect image for that moment.

On Instagram, most of my works are titled those very lines that inspired each piece.

What’s your least favorite subject matter to draw?

This is a tough one, probably landscapes, I am a little useless at them.

If you had to illustrate a design (or pattern) for ANY packaging, what would the product be / who would the company be?

If there were two things I would love to see my art on the shelves for, it would be for album covers and wine labels. I think wine labels can be really fun and creative, I love looking at the designs. At the moment, I am still building up my work and haven’t really thought about my dream client..

What’s your least favorite art genre/style?

Hmmm, I like to appreciate most styles, although I am not a huge fan of Abstract Expressionism.

What do you think people take away from your art?

There was one comment I remember on one of my pieces, “...right when I needed it the most” and I thought that was really touching. I’m not sure what people take away from it, whether it hits them in the feels and they can feel or see things like beauty and wonder, or maybe they just think its a fun poetic piece of illustration.

What are your future plans for your artwork?

I have some cool ideas about some custom t-shirts I would like to start producing myself. Maybe even greeting cards. I just want to continue sharing my expressions and expose them further, and then see where it takes me.

Who is your favorite artist/designer/illustrator? Why?

There are so many I love, just of the top of my head, German Illustrator Heinrich Kley — I love his humorous line work. Coming from an animation background, I am also a huge fan of concept art and the work of Dice Tsutsumi — the way he paints lights and color so beautifully. Another illustrator I absolutely love is Henn Kim and her amazing twisted dreamy illustrations.

Favorite band/artist to listen to while you illustrate?

Love love love ‘London Grammar’, ‘LANY’, ‘The Japanese House’ and ‘The Midnight’. I have so many more favorites, but these are the ones I’m currently listening to.