Sophie Adair is a young talent currently residing in France whose paintings have been featured in solo exhibitions nationally. Working primarily in oil paints, Adair creates impressionist style seascapes to explore the hidden beauty of water and its reflections. Her work is characterized by great technical detail in the rendering of waves and sea foam, prioritizing the delicate light on the ocean surface.

For the past few years I have been exploring seascapes, in particular the lighting and shadows within them. It started for me as a challenge; water was the subject I found most difficult to paint and so this spurred me on. I wanted to perfect my skill although I found whilst searching for perfection I enjoyed the chaos within seascapes more. My work has slowly evolved from painting the sea as a subject to painting it as a person, each painting is personified and named after women, whether they’re a historical figure or simply a strong woman who altered my life in some way. My paintings include stormy skies, rocky shore lines and glorious skies and within each I try to portray the subtle lighting, tones and mood of each seascape creating the emotions I feel are present within the scene.