Mise-nen since 2014. Based in Tokyo,Japan. We are an illustration unit of two male and one female in our twenties. We divide jobs with line drawing and coloring. Our concept is a girl who is a bit frisky and adventurous. We draw girls with various expressions and ecology. And we also make clothes and goods using this picture. Mise-nen means adolescent or a minor.

How did your journey as an illustrator begin? How early did you know you wanted to be an illustrator?

We met at Art University in our teens and started making works together. From that time we thought we wanted to attend a profession that used good illustrations.

Can you describe your style to us?

It's a style that draws a bit frisky and adventurous girls in psychedelic colors.

We love your almost alien-like style women, what influenced the women in your art?

Dolls, cartoons, and animation.

What kind of feelings do you hope to evoke from people who look at your illustrations?

We want people to feel strange or cute. And we want women to feel strength and toughness.

What triggers your creativity?

Attractive women and fashion.

Is there a style or trend you are currently following?

Psychedelic art and animation.

What are your goals for 2018?

To let more people know about this character.

What is your favorite song, band, or artist to listen to while you're illustrating and animating?

Hip hop. Because, it is music that freely connects youth's from various cultures.