Our second issue of PIKCHUR Magazine is full of exciting interviews and artwork featuring talented artists around the world! Ships August 15th.


Cover Artists:

Jenn Woodall


Interviews With:

Jenn Woodall 

Megan Gabbey

Travis Mullins

Laura Harte

Gary Guttman

Jordan Debney


Featured Artists:

Lexicon Love 

Rosie Parsonson 

Jennifer Marie Ingram 

Timka Szőke 

Morgan Lugo 

Patrick Horvath 

GWA (Wade Goring) 


Nan Xu 

Anna Roscher 

Cristina Cerminara 

Emily Rose Casares 


John Soukup 

Matt Miller 

Rebecca Jean Philippe 

Chloe Shao 

Jawn Babbitt 

Shanna Van Maurik 

Heith Vierow

Madelen Foss

Ben S. (Lowbrow Arts)

Amy Regutti 

Christian Orrillo Tejada



Featured Spotlight:

Adam Serens

August 2018 Digital Issue

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