Our third issue of PIKCHUR Magazine is an exciting issue, because it is our first themed issue! Discover amazing artists and their Halloween inspired artwork in this enchanting issue! 


Cover Artists:

Stephanie Buscema


Featured Artists:

Ian Jepson 
Hayden Evans
Alina Petrichyn 
Hugh McKinnon
Dorian Kemp
Crystal Joyce
Casey King
Natalie Ciccoricco
Lucia Heffernan
Rebeka Skela
Trent Richardson
Valeria Poropat
Melisa Des Rosiers
The DTore
Jennifer Pate
Elisabetta Martignetti
Tekle Ula Puzauskaite
Jely (Jessica Lynne)
Haijingchao Su
Th Breaker Brothers
Jillian Doherty
Jackie Cassidy
Bronte Rose Marando
Elena Wa
Karin Star
Arielle Wilkins
Joanna Winograd
Stacey Leigh Miller
Ian Miller
Chris Ward
Josh Beamish
Sam Payne
Olivia Rains
Kurtis Jokich

Yosiell Lorenzo
Joanne Chiaoan Hsieh
April Terra Livingston
Cloud Bembenek
David Schuler
Michelle Harpster
Leash Holden

Halloween 2018 Digital Issue

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  • Size: 8.5in x 11in

    Color: Full Color

    Number of Pages: 134 pages